Pragmatic. Assured.

David Hills – Company Director


About Us

Ark Sustainability was incorporated in 2009 with a niche focus on fire and safety for the built environment dedicated to external fabric and façades.

We have developed market leading processes in our solutions where quality and service have no compromise.

Ark Sustainability is a wholly owned subsidiary of Helix International Group, the largest independent risk and compliance solutions group in the UK with over 1000 clients.

We have earned a reputation for quality in client services, service management, and technical workable solutions.

What Makes Us Different

We have years of experience in both the external façade and fire protection sectors. We are one of the leading specialists in solutions for fire safety within external envelopes.

External façade systems can often be complex in small buildings and simple in large buildings but the skill lies in having the experience to understand where they may be located and how they affect fire safety and occupants especially in buildings where there is limited access to materials or where material substitutions have taken place. The aim is to determine the location, the product composition, the construction arrangements and the condition of the external façade and then, importantly, understanding the fire engineering implications.

Our pragmatic grounded and quality-based approach, together with our unrivalled knowledge across our accredited and highly experienced engineers / consultants in delivering quality investigative and reporting services puts us at the forefront of the industry.

How We Work

We will provide a competent specialist fire and external wall consultant who has experience in assessing external wall and cladding systems in line with that detailed within PAS9980. It is expected that the client will provide all relevant documentation for review including a copy of any existing cladding surveys/O&M manuals with as-built documentation, specifications, and drawings.

Our Consultant team will visit each of the client’s buildings and undertake an assessment of the external wall systems and construction in question with the support of the client.

If intrusive investigations are required, our Consultant shall, using endoscope / borescope technology if appropriate and access is available, access the condition of the cladding system, confirm / clarify the construction arrangements, and determine the presence or not of any fire cavity barrier arrangements in place.

Our Consultant team shall then assess and consider all of the available information documents and evidence collated including both on-site investigations along with any laboratory test results of samples taken during the investigations on site.

Using all the gathered material and available evidence including other publicly available information, Ark Sustainability shall develop a formal FRAEW report in line with PAS9980 designed to provide the client with an assessment of the risks posed by the external walls and inform the clients fire risk assessment and building safety case report process, required under the Building Safety Act 2022.

Where sufficient evidence is not available to confirm either compliance or satisfactory performance, using the risk-based approach adopted throughout PAS9980, Ark Sustainability shall make this clear and advise the client accordingly regarding any further investigations, evidence and/or remediation works necessary as required.

Where appropriate Ark will deliver:

  • A formal FRAEW Report developed in line with PAS9980 designed to inform the fire risk assessment.
  • A Summary / Overview Statement – to support applicants to the Homes England Cladding Safety Scheme.
  • An EWS1 Form and cover letter – to support owners regarding any valuation of the property.

Client Focused Culture

At Ark Sustainability, we have a culture of being client-focused and have earned an outstanding reputation for our work standards.

Our team is committed to providing exceptional service, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. We understand the importance of compliance and take a proactive approach to ensure our clients meet all necessary regulations and standards.

With a focus on external wall remedial surveys, internal compartmentation, and Fire Risk External Wall Assessments FRAEW, we offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution that covers all aspects of facade and structural fire safety.

Our investigations and reporting services are designed to provide clients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their buildings projects. Whether you’re completing a new build project or need assistance with remediation work, or assisting you with understanding your Risk management our team has the expertise and experience to deliver outstanding results. We are London based and we have the capability to undertake projects nationwide.

Our Talent

At Ark Sustainability, our mission is to provide effective solutions for building fire safety and compliance, ensuring the safety of residents and compliance with regulations.

Our team of suitably qualified professionals offers a complete process, from initial surveys to Lead Consultancy on remediation projects, providing peace of mind to our clients that their buildings are safe and compliant.

With a focus on being effective and providing higher efficacy, we are proud to be a dedicated specialist in fire safety and façade-risk, offering insightful guidance and assurance to those responsible for building safety.

Exceptional Results

At Ark Sustainability, is part of the Helix International Group a name synonymous with a gold standards . We offer an end-to-end service that covers all elements of fire safety for fire and structures , both internally and externally, enabling our clients to have assurance their buildings are compliant and safe.

We have a team of highly qualified fire engineering and surveyors but more than that our advantage to clients is our ability to provide them with a considered risk management approach. Ensuring clients are aware of the situation and can make well informed decisions based on insight, providing our clients with the very best consultancy and advice.

This is important as the advice can involve many hundreds of thousands of pounds and disruption.

Our aim is to deliver exceptional results and a good quality service for our clients.