fire engineering, External Wall and Façade assurance

Ark Sustainability is an independent firm of Engineers, Consultants and Technical Fire Safety and Façade Specialists working across every aspect of external façade safety and internal fire structures.

Consulting Services

Fire Risk Appraisals
of External Walls (FRAEW)

The identification and risk assessment of the specific facade arrangements and the associated cladding systems in accordance with PAS9980.

Investigations with clients to determine external facade arrangements including the associated construction of the external facades of a building – determined by reviewing and considering the available O&M manuals, on-site inspection (both non-intrusive or intrusive) and reviewing any publicly available testing reports considering the stated/tested fire rating associated with such facade arrangement / cladding system / fabric construction.

External Facade Fire Safety Assurance

Identification of the suitability of such facade arrangement / cladding system / fabric construction arrangements – in line with the current guidelines, PAS9980 and The Building Regulations. including the provision of advice where appropriate in respect of further investigations and actions necessary to identify such facade arrangement / cladding system / fabric constructions.

Type 4 Fire Risk Assessments & External Facade Reports

We offer full, detailed, Type 4 (destructive) Fire Risk Assessments along with full cavity fire stopping surveys. This combines our external wall fire risk assessments with our facade reports to provide a complete picture of facade compliance, and details the effect of such systems and arrangements on the overall risks associated with any building.

External Facade Consultancy

The provision of guidance and support in respect of any required fire safety matters including fire risk assessment. inspection, fire strategy where external facade arrangements are called into question as well as providing support and assistance in developing investigation and remediation strategies across client’s portfolios: looking to take a more holistic/risk-based approach.

Cladding Safety Scheme

At Ark Sustainability, is approved by Homes England to deliver fire risk appraisals of external walls as (FRAEW) as part of the Cladding Safety Scheme covering mid-rise buildings. We take a forensic approach to fire safety, providing our clients with the confidence they need in their building assurance. We offer a comprehensive FRAEW service in accordance with PAS9980, with three tiers of options depending on which assessments have already been undertaken.

Our FRAEW options cover all elements specified in PAS9980, ensuring compliance with regulations such as the Fire Safety Act 2021, the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022, and the Building Safety Act 2022. We also produce a survey report and provide a PAS9980 report for clients applying to the Cladding Safety Scheme.

With our highly qualified team of professionals, we offer a follow-up inspection and FRAEW before combining all findings into a final (exit) report. Our approach ensures that our clients receive the most accurate and detailed assessments, giving them the confidence they need in their building assurance.